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Specialty Advertising, the marketing medium providing useful promotional products that communicate an image, brand, or message, products such as – imprinted USB flash drives, calendars, notepads, tote bags, writing instruments, screen printed & embroidered golf apparel, watches, umbrellas, cameras, portfolios, desk items, drinkware, plaques, awards, etc., all providing support to many different marketing venues.

Specialty Advertising, an extremely involving marketing medium, not only brings your special communication message to your target audience, but it also gets them involved in it's use. Imagine the power your marketing plans will have when a well-conceived promotional products program is incorporated to aid and insure program awareness.

Specialty Advertising, a very effective marketing medium, utilizes promotional products to communicate sales messages, seminar & meeting's objectives, corporate image brands, and safety awareness.

  • Strategically planned and distributed, promotional products enhances the impact and extends the life of your communication.
  • Industry research indicates that nearly 4 out of 10 persons who receive promotional products can recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after receiving the item.
  • 39% remember the company that gave them an imprinted item six months later; no other media has such a long recall life.


  • Employee Motivation/Recognition
  • Sales Meetings/Department Seminars
  • Enhance Employee Relations/Charity Drives
  • Promote Employee Safety.


  • New Product or Service Introduction
  • Develop Trade Show Traffic
  • Exhibit Booth Giveaway
  • Enhance Customer Relations
  • Enhance Corporate Identity
  • Enhance Community Relations.